At The Cross Church we have many areas  where one can serve, get involved with or be impacted by. Our goal is to get our Cross Church family to connect, grow, and serve. Our hearts are to glorify God, while highlighting the special gifts and abilities that He has bestowed upon His people. Don’t allow what God has placed in you to lay dormant!‍‍‍

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is available at all times to assist all congregants through our multiple capacities to ensure an effective yet impactful Cross Experience.
*Ushers & Greeters 
*Parking Lot

H.E.A.R.T’s Team

The H.E.A.R.T’s Team is Helping Everyone Acknowledge Real Truth. We embrace new visitors, following up with them in communication after their visit and available to answer questions and be a resource to new attendees.

Security Team

The Security Team   allows the church leadership, volunteers, families and guest to feel secure in the knowledge that someone is protecting them and their families. Serving  confident, alert and authoritative while also being a welcoming and comforting presence to our guests and members.

Media Team

Social media has become a very important arm in reaching the body of Christ and our media team is dedicated to making your experience with The Cross Church online just as unforgettable as physically being with us. “The Cross Experience” encourages the youth of the church , as well as adults, to get involved, get social, and most importantly get God to our online family.

Performing Arts Team

“Crossfire” is a powerful, dynamic, ministry that uses different forms of expression to worship God and edify His people. The ministry seeks to invite the presence of our Almighty God. We offer opportunities in dance, spoken word, and drama to allow the word of God to come to life and touch the hearts of the people. Looking to share your gifts in these areas? Come and have a cross experience with us.

Evangelism Team

Evangelism is sharing the gospel and salvation through Jesus Christ by word, actions and conduct. Show the love of God to others by Community outreach, organized events, and activities tailored to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the needs of the people we serve whenever possible.


Children’s Church

Our desire for our children is for them to encounter and experience God’s love and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Demonstrating the love of Christ to each of the children, through teachings, music and crafts in a safe and fun environment. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in partnership with parents, we will teach the gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ to all children so that they will become disciples of Christ who will connect to, grow in, and serve God above anything else.